Hi! We’re Emily & Sarah Hamilton and here are 3 things you need to know about us; we’re twin sisters & mums, we’re proudly born and bred in Australia and while we have loved living abroad, we know that the best skincare comes from Australia. So we wanted to share this with you through Sand&Sky.

80% of Australia’s flora and fauna is unique to our shores so that means you have probably never before experienced the wonder and efficacy of our botanical ingredients in your skincare; we will change that with Sand&Sky. Our magnificent and untouched landscape ensures the purity of the mask formula which means you also see results from your very first use.

We are determined to share our healthy Australian lifestyle around the world and deliver results that equate to spending a week relaxing on our beautiful beaches (additional holidays are always encouraged!). Sand&Sky went through a year of rigorous research & testing, and scaring our kids with all of those mask trials, leading us to Australian Pink Clay and its mountain of benefits.

We’ve been lucky enough to live abroad for a large, collective number of years but it is always great to come home and find a way to promote a jar of goodness that we may have taken for granted before we went away. We hope you enjoy our mask as much as we do, it’s been a fun journey and our skin thanks us for it!

Please reach out with your questions or suggestions on our growing brand, there is always someone on hand to help and we love hearing from our squad (plus the S&S selfies are fantastic!).

Sand&Sky Co-founders